Scotia Mulberry

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Book #1 

Silence From Above 

Scotia Mulberry is a nymph out of water… literally. And she’s about to find out just how lethal Chicago’s supernatural community can be to those outside of their element.

Scotia has spent years working as a bodyguard in the human world and hiding from her ancient heritage. Now, she’ll have to rely on the other side of her nature to survive. Powerful creatures of myth have begun to take notice of her, awakening a darkness long since buried. From a deadly nightclub to a shattered sanctuary, Scotia’s skills are put to the test. But, when the ones she loves are drawn into the fight, she has to ask herself; how much is she willing to give up to save them? 

Book #1 Extras

Scotia's Supernatural Tourist Guide to Chicago

All locations and establishments in this guide are rated on a scale of 0 to 5 Golden Apples of Discord by Scotia Mulberry. 
Book #2 


Description to come

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