Ember Mullins Book 1

By Jacki O

Despite being inhabited by fairytale creatures, living in Charlotte is far from magical... 

Have you ever heard that old saying “If you live among wolves you have to act like a wolf”? Well, what if you live among abominable snowmen and gnomes? There’s no instruction manual for dealing with the four supernatural factions that rule Charlotte, but the agency Ember Mullins works for is competent at cleaning up their messes. That is, until a new monster comes to town that defies the very rules of nature.   

This wouldn’t be the first time Ember has faced off with a nightmare and she has the scars to prove it. But she also has a family history darker than anyone could guess and abilities that must remain hidden. When the investigation forces Ember into the line of fire and draws the attention of one of the city’s most powerful denizens, her self-preservation instincts become hard to ignore. To fight this particular nightmare, Ember risks losing more than just a paycheck; she risks losing her sanity.

Madness runs in Ember’s blood, after all… but so does power. 

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